We had the privilege of traveling across the world with one of our sweetest couples to photography such a sweet elopement. That awesome thing about this couple is that they met when they were 5 years old in Tanzania, Africa. HOW SWEET. Their families have known each other all their lives and they pretty much grew up together until life separated them and brought them back together several years ago.

Now, they were not only able to celebrate their love in front of friends and family but also in from of the Eiffel Tower itself. It was the most romantic thing I've ever been able to be apart of and we loved every second of being able to capture it. Throughout the day of the elopement, we shot in front of he Eiffel Tower, Jarden de Luxemburg, and the streets of Paris. We walked through the whole city capturing every dreamy moment which filled out hearts with so much joy.

Here are some of my favorite images from their Paris Elopement.