I always dreamed of the day when the man of my dreams would get down on one knee and propose. Isn’t that every girls dream?!


Tyler and I had talked about this day forever. We knew we wanted to get married about a year after we started dating. We have always had this kind of relationship that was mature and special. we began dating on May 10th, 2017. I think the day all of my friends met Tyler, they knew he was the one. Tyler is the sweetest and most thoughtful human being I know- not being bias! He cares so much for people and everyone around him knows it. I can honestly say I got SO stinkin’ lucky with him! For us only being 20 and 21, we feel so blessed to have found each other and start our lives so soon!As many on you may know, Tyler and I are a wedding photographer and videographer team so we have been around engaged couples for a while and we’ve heard all the proposal stories! Tyler knew he wanted to do something we haven’t heard of before and he wanted it to be very special.


It all started a week before he proposed… He reached out to one of my best friends, Alexis for her help. He knew that I would catch on and probably ruin the surprise, because lets’ be honest…. I find out everything, lol! He told her that he wanted to propose in Charleston because that is like our second home. I love Charleston so much, it’s my most favorite city ever and we always go there! Alexis looked up a bunch of pretty locations in Charleston and found the most stunning bridge at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.

Tyler and Alexis thought up a story to get me to Charleston with no suspicion. Alexis texted me while driving Tyler one day and told me that she needed some new headshots and photos of her modeling for an agency in Charleston. She offered to pay me, but of course I said no. She said it would be a good opportunity for us to both get some cute photos and make it a girls day trip. I asked Tyler to go, but he said he had to work. I was honestly kind of sad because I wanted him to come with us. The morning of the proposal, he actually got up at 5a.m. just to go to his moms house to sleep so I wouldn’t expect anything. That’s true dedication right there!!

Alexis and I planned to leave at lunch and go to downtown Charleston- The Historic District first. We brought several outfits to change into and went to all the popular places like The Battery, Rainbow Row and King Street. She also told me she wanted to get photos of herself in this beautiful dress on the famous bridge at Magnolia. I told her it was a wedding venue and we probably couldn’t get in. So she called and they told her it would cost money per person and she offered to pay for me since it was her idea. So why not go right?! I had no idea the whole plan was fake to get me there! Like literally, there was no modeling agency that she was getting photos for. But her brilliant plan worked!


So what had happened was, we were almost an hour late to the anticipated proposal. Me being my stubborn self wanted to stop for ice-cream and take a cute pic on King Street. Alexis kept saying we needed to skip it to get to Magnolia, but I told her we would have enough time for both. Of course she didn’t want to give it away so she just went with it. I felt so bad!!

We eventually got to Magnolia and I immediately saw a beautiful field with oak trees and I just had to get some photos in front of it (like I didn’t already have enough). We then started walking into the gardens where one of the workers there offered to give us a ride on the golf-cart to the bridge since we parked so far away. So we hoped on and started riding. We passed the right side of the bridge where I saw a photographer photographing a tall, dark headed guy. I thought it was Tyler and my heart sank, and then I realized it wasn’t. Not going to lie, I was a little disappointed when it wasn’t him. I thought the guy must have been getting his photos taken there too.

So we drive around to the other side of the bridge where the worked lets us off. Alexis said I could take my photos first so I walked onto the bridge and Alexis started taking photos of me posing. I wanted to look at them so I went to the end of the bridge where she was to check the camera. I didn’t really like how they look so I turned around to go back up there and take more. As soon as I turned around, I saw Tyler walking onto the bridge. I immediately screamed and ran to give him a hug. I knew right then and there what was about to happen.

He took my hands and pulled me to the middle of the bridge. Then I looked over to the photographer and she was taking photos of us. I then realized that she was one of my favorite photographers from Alabama! Tyler knew how bad I wanted our proposal photographed and I was so happy he reached out to her. It meant so much to have her there and finally get out photos taken professionally for the first time.

After I realized she was there, Tyler hugged me again and I could feel him shaking. He was SO nervous y’all, it was SO cute. After he let go of me, he got down on one knee and couldn’t stop smiling. We were both honestly so nervous, happy, and excited that we can’t remember what he said. All I remember is he asking, “Will you marry me?” and I immediately startes squealing from happiness. I turned around to Alexis with my jaw open and turned back to Tyler and I remember saying, “I’m not going to cry”,”OMG this is happening”, and then “YES!!!!” He jumped up and gave me the biggest hug (still shaking) and then put the ring on. And by golly, that thing was HUGE!!! About a month before we went to Crown Jewelers in Augusta, GA where we custom made and picked out the setting and everything. But I sure didn’t expect it to be that beautiful.

Moments after we were staring at the ring on my finger, the photographer and her husband (they guy that I thought was getting his photos taken) were waiting for us. We walked up to them and I gave Kennedy the biggest hug and was just happy to meet her. We then began taking photos and I have to say it was so much fun. Tyler and I are so awkward in front of the camera and we just kept laughing at ourselves, but we had a blast! Here are my favorite photos from our proposal!